Taxi could solve that issue. Or places for getting coins for cash fares? Fax : 04 91 33 01 82 If so, would they take credit or cash only? The TER regional train to Miramas pulls out of Marseille Saint-Charles station. Today, we learned that the standard bus and ferry three day pass no longer includes the Paget-Warwick Ferry and also that there are no longer printed bus schedules. The whole route was served again on 9 December 1922. In your case, 4 of you will make a round trip to a beach on both day1 and day2, so you will need 4 x 2 trips x 2 days = 16 tickets for the first two days. Regards. Choose between a beach pass at the famed Elbow Beach Resort & soak in the beautiful views or opt to relax by the pool & indulge in a 3-course lunch at Coco Reef Resort! Like in buses, you should tender exact fare in change. Can I buy the bus and ferry pass from my home in Florida before I leave for my cruise? One person from your family can pay one-way fare in change and get to the post office (open on week days 8am to 5pm). Yes passes and tickets will remain okay subject to the following: 1) Passes have not been used at all. However since the last change in fares, the all-zone fare for adults have been rounded to $5 in cash and the bus drivers or ferry staff would no longer need to return change against $5 bill payment. So it's obvious they are not made easily accessible to tourists, as the tourism department would like you to buy passes. Tip for travellers: Make the most of our special summer offers such as the Bermuda Pass: €6 for unlimited day travel on the Côte Bleue railway between Marseille and Miramas on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from July 1st to September 30th. Unfortunately, you can't avoid the queue unless you have a friend here who can buy it on your behalf and mail it to you. And the journey is a sheer delight from then on ! My family and I plan on taking buses and ferries next week in Bermuda, and will be bringing US currency to pay cash the first day we arrive (before we have the chance to buy passes/tokens). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a Level 1 Travel Health Notice for Côte d’Ivoire due to COVID-19. It will be Monday afternoon. Thanks. With one booklet of tickets, you can make 15 one way trips." A 2-day pass will remain valid until the midnight of the second day. Hi, Tickets from a book can be used by different people. Maybe a combination of tokens and tickets. We will be arriving on a ship with many others and would like to avoid large wait times if possible. Question about transportation options: At one point I really thought I understood the transportation after reading so many comments here and on cruise critic---- I may be a bit confused!! However note that 3-zone and all-zone fares come into play only in case of tickets, tokens or cash. In Hamilton City you can also purchase passes or book of tickets at the General Post Office (#56 Church Street) using credit card. I've just read about the adjustment to your transport pass policy. Love your site and looking forward to visiting Bermuda in July. Thank you. A touch card like the Oyster Cards in UK? Tickets do not have expiry year written on them. Hi Tulan, You will get tokens and passes from the Dockyard Visitors Information Center to ride ferries. Many thanks for your help. if a 2 day pass is purchased at 8am Tuesday, is it only valid until midnight Wednesday?? It is possible that a combination of tickets and tokens may even be a better option. thanks. You may need to change or transfer to another bus in order to reach your final destination. The line goes through a plethora of tunnels, plunging you into darkness for a second before the azure waters of the Med come back to dazzle you !WOW ! Read more on the TER website. Therefore for 3 days, you will need 16+16=32 tickets. This time, since we will be taking tours from Dockyard and will have the 3rd person with us, and since we will be on Norwegian (so can use the free Norwegian ferry to St. Georges and back), we do not anticipate using public transportation as much. Our plan is to hit Horseshoe beach that day. Otherwise a day or 2 goes by before we get around to buying them, and we no longer need a 7 day bus ticket. The trail is divided into 3 itineraries (42 km, 45 km and 66 km) and also includes 13 local loops. The following are today's upgrades for Validea's Growth/Value Investor model based on the published strategy of James P. O'Shaughnessy. But to get to the best possible option, you need to exactly plan out your local transport requirements in the island. Thank you.... Hi, you won't get tokens on-board the ferry. The pass does not work on 24 hours basis and will expire at 12 mid night of the last day of its validity. I don't know if that's possible though. We are 6 little ole ladies arriving at King/s Wharf in Bermuda May 8th, Monday, 2017, and leaving Tuesday at 5pm, from reading your reviews I understand that we can purchase bus tickets at the Water Street Post Office. They do not usually make change in the ferry and return the balance. Dollar bills are not accepted. reload) a Bermuda Transportation Pass because it remains valid for unlimited rides in both buses and ferries during its validity, and therefore this is not a card with reducing balance. Admission includes a visit to the Space Needle Observation Deck and access to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition Hall, Glasshouse and Garden. Tickets, School Passes and Adult Passes (day, multi-day and monthly passes) are available at many post offices (but not all). And, is there a time limit that they do not expire (i.e., one day)? I'm also a travel agent since that time. One-day pass will be the best option in your case and will work in all your trips. Thanks. While paying bus fares in cash, you need to pay in exact change and drop the coins into the fare-box placed next to the driver. For example, a 3-day pass is good for unlimited use for 3 days in both buses and ferries (but not in mini buses, coaches, vans or vehicles that are privately run). If you end up going there for the day please let us know as this will be useful for others with the same question. The selection of activities ... and even more services. This ensures that the locals who usually buy monthly and quarterly passes are least effected by this change. Thanks for your information in advance. She said no refunds would be given and her manner indicated there was no possibility of going elsewhere to get refunds (nor was a place to get refunds posted on the outside of the building). However if you later need a pass for more number of days, then you need to buy a new one. You will receive your personalised packet in the mail in approximately one week. If you don't have a pass and you want to pay cash at the ferry what happens if you do not have the exact amount(4.50)? Here you will get tickets, tokens and passes (day, multi-day and monthly passes). We would also like to use your details onto our other brands: ItaliaDeals, ItaliaRail, ItaliaRooms and Italy Magazine, so that we can email you details … Thanks. At St. George you can walk down to the Visitors Service Center (25 York Street) to get passes and tokens. For a short ferry route like the Pink Route which connects Hamilton, Paget and Warwick, a 3-zone fare will apply. A quick reply would be appreciated. If the time expires by the time you take the next bus for transfer, you will need to pay full fare for the second leg of the journey. However they might return the change in Bermuda currency. Reading some of the question from your readers, I came across a few areas, when purchasing tickets or passes if using a credit or debit card one does have to show a photo ID it is government policy. And vice-versa on the return trip of course. 6 tokens, and use them any day I want? In larger ferries, there is usually a ticket checker. Hello, Can you pay US cash money such as a $5 dollar bill for the Ferry or does it have to be coins? The trip starts out like a classic Marseille – Paris, but the track soon leads to steep cliffs with views over the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea, very reminiscent of the Cinque Terre region in Italy. En accord avec les aspirations et les goûts de chacun, Provence Tourisme propose d’incontournables valeurs sûres comme des conseils pour sortir des sentiers battus, grâce à sa connaissance profonde du terrain et de par sa neutralité commerciale. There is also no system of online booking of bus/ferry passes. First, tickets are accepted only in buses and not in ferries. Will the main bus station in Hamilton accept credit cards for monthly passes or ticket books ? Please let us know about your experience by completing our easy online feedback form. So the most economical option would be to buy 2 packs of tickets and 2 tokens. Hi Raj, My family and I are coming to Bermuda by cruise ship in October and I have some questions about travelling by bus/ferry. If we're only going to go to St George's and back, would it make more sense money wise to just get tokens for the round trip? If so, is it good for all these trips, and what is the current cost? We want to take the ferry to St. Georges (Tobacco Beach) on our first day and then go to Horseshoe Bay on our second. As we might use taxi service for its convenience. I don't want to waste my limited time in Bermuda standing in lines and asking questions to figure this out. Passes are issued only in the island and can not be purchased in advance unless you can arrange it through somebody in the island. They have started accepting credit cards here. We will be there for 2 days at the end of this month. All children under 5 ride free in both buses and ferries. So most bus drivers and ferry these days accept $5 bill. And what souvenir from the South should we take if we're visiting friends or family elsewhere? In fact US currency can be used freely anywhere in Bermuda. Go down to the nearest post office (either at Somerset or Mangrove Bay, 8am - 5pm on weekdays) by paying exact fare in cash or using tokens. Either it is a 3-zone fare (which means your travel is short and limited within 3 zones) or All-zone fare (i.e. Pass is like a passport to travel anywhere in the island. 2) The transport department comes out with new pass/tickets system or new fares thus making earlier passes, tickets, tokens etc invalid. Hello Raj, My family and I are coming in on a cruise ship end May. So buying them in advance before you arrive is difficult unless someone purchases them for you in the island. Hi Sharon, If possible, ask one of your friends in Bermuda to buy a pass in advance and send it to you by post. The four day pass option would have cost $110 and five days would have been $137. Statement from the Premier on the passing of Laverne Furbert “The very essence of a freedom fighter.” said Premier David Burt today reflecting on the life of former PLP Senator and labour activist Laverne Fur I would also like to know if you have a one day pass can more than one person use it that day at separate times. We can help you reset your password and security info. Fare increase has taken place again effective April 1, 2015. Will these passes ( ex. The calendar month is actually printed on the card and it can not be used across two months. I've been reading about lines to buy tokens or tickets and want to know what you advise. Another example of an exception is a monthly pass which stays valid only for the calendar month printed on it and not beyond that. All other routes require all-zone fares. Thanks for your assistance. Each pack has 15 tickets and costs $30. Note that a monthly pass is valid for a calendar month and it can only be used from first to last day of that month. Thank you. The nearest place to get tickets is the Mangrove Bay post office located at Somerset Village and about 8 minutes bus ride from the dockyard. The most convenient option is to buy a 2-day pass (costs $25 each) which will give them unlimited access to both buses and ferries over two days. 26 Palmetto Road--(along the #10 bus route) Devonshire, DV 05 Bermuda. I would like to buy everything (tokens and passes) all at once so I don't have to wait in line again. First, enter your Microsoft account and follow the instructions below. Cruise ship was leaving so I was unable to pursue. This is probably the Blue Coast's bluest spot ! we are giving you our top pick of addresses so you can enjoy some TLC everywhere you go in Provence! Between 1 July and 30 September, the SNCF offers the "Pass Bermuda". Other than in Hamilton, you can get tickets in all Post Offices across the island. There was a time when you could get a "pass" on board ship, but I do not know if this is still a possibility. Hi, dollar coins are accepted in Bermuda buses. And with the distance between the 14zone ride and 3 zone ride, their is a required space of travel which all drivers are taught in training, so they all know. Also, have witnessed all buses accept US dollar bills in addition to coins for fares. We will be a party of 6 adults and 1 child, and it seems this 15 ticket booklet would suit us best. With 21 square miles to work with, it is hard to imagine much of Bermuda that isn’t overdeveloped. I might go fishing on my own during one of those 3 days. Department of Public Transportation . Hello again, When we purchase a 3 day transportation pass it allows us unlimited ferry, bus , trolley rides for the 3 days we are there with our cruise ship? Whether you live in the area or are holidaying in Provence, a train ride along the Côte Bleue is a definite must to add to your bucket list! Unfortunately no. 5900 Décarie Boulevard Provence Tourisme est une association loi 1901. If that's so, yes they will still be valid and you can use them. 3735 Plamondon Street Montréal, Québec H3S 1L8 Telephone: 514-509-0833. But I wasn't 100% sure if you can get the ticket booklets in St George, or if you can only get them in Hamilton. Enjoy an arty stay in Provence ! Good Morning, We'll be arriving at the Naval Dockyard on Wednesday, August 15th. You can't buy the pass in advance unless someone you know purchases it for you. We are arriving In Bermuda and docking at Kings Wharf on October 24. Question 1 closest place to buy tickets or tokens from ship, Question 2 what is the price of tickets or tokens for all journeys, Question 3 what is the best to use currency American or Bermuda dollars, Question 4 frequency of buses. We are coming on a cruise and only get to spend 2 days in Bermuda. I hate the thought of notifying Princess who's passengers and docking fees drop a lot of money in Bermuda every week. Open Hours: Monday to Saturday: 6am - 10pm, Sundays and Holidays: 8am - 7pm. You can save couple of dollars for two of you compared to passes. Within a short drive, one can travel from an Alpine peak, pass lavender fields, vineyards and medieval villages and end up on the glorious Mediterranean coast. Are US dollar coins accepted, or will we need to bring lots of US quarters? Are passes a card you carry and show the driver? Stop-overs are not allowed in transfers. Are the passes or tokens interchangeable on the blue and pink bus lines? Has your government gone mad? For fifteen years, we have come to Bermuda and always enjoyed the bus and ferry services greatly. Regards. You can use the following link to get taxi fare estimates: Following your advice we will head to Hamilton via ferry to get our transportation tickets. As you are aware, cruise line would have pre-purchased passes but not tickets. In your case, the pass won't work because there has been a fare revision in April 2013. You will get bus/ferry passes in a post office. 2 day passes for each) allow us to travel via bus and/or ferry for the entire stay without additional fares? A pass is transferable, which means it can be used by more than one persons at separate times as long as it's valid. My question is:  Should we buy a 2 day pass for all zones. Is this all correct? It is an unmanned desk where you will get maps, brochures and booklets, but no other services. For ferry rides, plan on the Blue Route (for visiting Hamilton from Dockyard and great view of the harbor) and Orange Route (for visiting St George from dockyard and scenic view of north shore). You can ride any number of times within the validity period. Sea Glass beach (Black bay beach) is close to the dockyard and you can visit on the last day. Raj- This is very helpful!! Sundays and Public Holidays: 8:30am to 5:30pm. If you have a transport pass, then the 2-wheeler rides free on the ferry. Bus/ferry passes, tokens and tickets are available only in Bermuda. So in your case, you will need an additional one-day pass for the next day. They told me they would still be good for my next trip and I wanted to be positive as they are paid for. You must buy the full booklet of 15 tickets. You also need to be aware that a ferry requires token, cash or pass; bus transfers don't apply. your pass + transport. We typically issue passes for 7 AM to 5 PM. Please fill out the form below, and we will send you additional information about Bermuda. When you go over the famous viaducts you can see when you're on foot – they're even visible from Marseille itself – the waves breaking against the limestone rocks seem so close you have the impression you're about to fall into the sea. This stands as a confirmation that you are making a continuous journey. Yes you can get tickets at Water Street Post Office in St. George - short walk from the town square. Transportation workers went on strike the third day and was refused a refund. Tickets, tokens and passes are all transferable. In contrary, you will be pleasantly surprised to find many parks and nature reserves completely unspoiled and ready to be enjoyed. At dinner that night, after the ship had sailed, one other person said they had gotten a $10 refund on their three day pass by going somewhere else besides the place where we bought it and had found this out by accident. For example if you purchase a 3-day pass in advance and start using it after couple of days, it will still work for 3 days from the time you start using it. Tip for travellers : Make the most of our special summer offers such as the Bermuda Pass: €6 for unlimited day travel on the Côte Bleue railway between Marseille and Miramas on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from July 1st to September 30th. Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, Phone: 441/234-0423). All we needed to do was be aware to use a 3 zone ticket for short trips, and save the 14 zone ticket for long trips, and plan our routes so that we travelled in an efficient manner. If you pay extra cash at the ferry, if they don't have change, they either won't return the balance or won't accept. If you reach on a Sunday or public holiday, the only option is to use cash (US currency in change is also accepted in buses and ferries). The French Riviera Pass gives you free access to sites and attractions in Nice and on the Côte d'Azur ... carte bleue Vos pass chez vous, en retrait à l’Office de Tourisme ou par e-ticket Vos pass sont déclenchés automatiquement lors du 1er passage Buy › Nice Côte d'Azur Tourisme et Congrès BP 4079 • 06302 NICE CEDEX 4 Tip for culture buffs : Don't miss the Festival du Train Bleu running from March 30th to April 15th and featuring a host of activities and cultural events on the railway theme in the towns served by the train.

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